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About GB Law Group

With office space in convenient locations throughout Connecticut and New York, GB Law Group is committed to personal service and client satisfaction. We strive to be efficient and cost effective, yet never at the cost of being thorough and prepared.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for professionalism, responsiveness, and unwavering dedication to client service.  Among our clients we count individuals and families, small businesses and large corporations — all equally important and all similarly deserving of our undivided attention.  Our attorneys are well respected for the common sense with which they temper their tenacity: egos never get in the way of effective, sensible representation of our clients.

Dynamic. Committed. Dedicated. . . . These are the words that define us, because being a counselor means more than simply knowing the law. 

The community knows us.  Our clients trust us.  If you need sound legal counsel, please consider us.